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Interiors - Orac Byblos System

Orac Byblos SystemThe Ancient Greeks named the Phoenician capital of the papyrus industry "Byblos". Byblos was a coastal city just 20 miles north of today's Beirut. The stems of the tall sedge (papyrus) where cut to form thin strips of writing material, and early manuscripts.

Thousands of years later we are surrounded by books and magazines. The Orac Byblos system brings elegance and style where a series of novels and reference works on plain shelves simply won't do.

The Byblos system can also be used in commercial applications. Typically, hairdressing salons, craft shops, bars and libraries can all benefit from stylish mouldings around their walls. Used in conjunction with pilasters, columns, and panel mouldings everyday items can be displayed with panache. Examples of Byblos System configurations are shown at the foot of the page.

Adhesives & Tools - the range of Orac adhesives, fillers and tools can be found on the Adhesives & Tools page.

Further Information Required? - Orac product information and installation guidelines are available on the Downloads page. Alternatively contact us.

buy online from following Orac Byblos components are shown below: P.9010, M.9010LR, M.9010A, M.9010B, M.9010C, and D.300. For further information please contact us or visit the House Martin online store at:

Orac Adhesives Orac have developed a range of advanced adhesives and fillers for use during Orac product installation. The full range is available on the adhesives page. Please ensure you add the correct adhesive to your order.
Product Code Illustration Dimensions
(Proj. x Height x Length)
Notes  Our Price
(exc. VAT)
decorative interior moulding
Byblos System Byblos System 30 x 320 x 645 Left and Right Byblos corners £69.68 exc. VAT
decorative interior moulding
Byblos System 45 x 115 x 85 Byblos entre piece £9.72 exc. VAT
decorative interior moulding
Byblos System 50 x 50 x 125 Small Byblos capital £10.40 exc. VAT
decorative interior moulding
Byblos System 50 x 50 x 225 Large Byblos capital £13.40 exc. VAT
decorative interior moulding
Byblos System 30 x 90 x 2000 Straight Byblos moulding £29.81 exc. VAT
decorative interior moulding
Byblos System 40 x 95 x 260 Byblos Plinth £11.13 exc. VAT

Byblos System

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