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Interiors - Orac Myline Mouldings

Adhesives and tools purchased online with mouldings are reduced by 25% for a limited period.

Myline Mouldings Buy onlineA selection of our most popular Coving and Cornice Mouldings is available to Buy Online from the Coving and Cornice section of our new online store located here.

Introducing the latest architect inspired range of ceiling and wall mouldings - Orac Myline. The Orac Myline collection brings a subtle definition to walls and ceilings. The introduction of light and shade creates a modern feel through horizontal and vertical lines, adding a chic elegance to the home.

Simple but elegant rectilinear shapes extend across the ceiling, with the Orac Myline cornice range bringing a whole new dimension to coving which until now has mainly mimicked the curves of the Victorian era.

The C351 and C352 indirect lighting cornice (when used with Orac light fittings) bring a mix of reflected light and subtle shade, a unique concept, which brings cornice into the 21st century.

Compliment this in your home with either P5051 panel moulding or skirting, or in larger rooms add the 200mm deep P5050 which is a fantastic way of adding style in a minimalist uncluttered domestic or studio environment.

Recommendations - To obtain the best results when installing Orac Myline products, use Decofix Pro and Extra Fix adhesives.

Adhesives & Tools - the range of Orac adhesives, fillers and tools can be found on the Adhesives & Tools page. Please be aware that installation of Orac products with non-Orac adhesives may invalidate the warranty.

Further Information Required? - Orac product information and installation guidelines are available in Adobe Acrobat format on the Downloads page. Alternatively, visit the Orac Website, or contact us.

Orac Adhesives Orac have developed a range of advanced adhesives and fillers for use during Orac product installation. The full range is available on the adhesives page. Please ensure you add the correct adhesive to your order.
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Our Price
Orac Myline coving
Orac Myline 100 x 20 x 2000 Orac Cornice £26.52 exc. VAT

C.356 coving moulding is available to Buy Now from the Coving & Cornice section of our online store at:

Orac Myline coving
Orac Myline 110 x 35 x 2000 Orac Cornice £26.52 exc. VAT
Orac Myline coving
Orac Myline 165 x 30 x 2000 Orac Cornice £46.48 exc. VAT
Orac Myline coving
Orac Myline 215 x 40 x 2000 Orac Cornice £51.78 exc. VAT
Orac indirect lighting
Orac Myline 175 x 80 x 2000 Orac Cornice £53.12 exc. VAT
Orac indirect lighting
Orac Myline 110 x 73 x 2000 Orac Cornice £40.60 exc. VAT
Orac indirect lighting
Orac Myline 140 x 73 x 2000 Orac Cornice £51.78 exc. VAT
Orac indirect lighting
Orac Myline 100 x 100 x 2000 Orac Cornice £36.56 exc. VAT
Orac indirect lighting
Orac Myline 170 x 75 x 2000 Orac Cornice £53.12 exc. VAT
Orac coving / skirting
Orac Myline 15 x 85 x 2000 Orac Cornice £26.52 exc. VAT
Orac coving / skirting
Orac Myline 15 x 200 x 2000 Orac Cornice £47.80 exc. VAT

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Selecting Orac Light Fittings (C351, C352, C900 and C901 cornice) - customers choosing to install uplighter cornice designs can select from a variety of options to meet their individual needs.

To optimise the lighting performance measure each wall. The light plates are offered in 550mm and 2230mm lengths. These should be spaced out evenly along each wall as appropriate to create an even spread of reflected light on the ceiling.

Opt for the IL550s and IL2230s for maximum illumination, and simple on off light control. Choosing the IL550D and IL2230D allows the lamps to be dimmed. We do not supply strip lights for these lightplates as they could easily be damaged in transit. The fittings are readily available from specialist lighting factors.

A more cost effective lighting option is to use your cornice with the IL100 sockets and IL110 lamp packs. You should choose this option where background lighting is required. We advise that this should be supplemented with a central light pendant(s) as appropriate.

In addition the IL 100 and IL110 will require transformer(s) as appropriate. Each IL100 and IL110 pack will allow illumination from one 2 metre length of cornice.

We recommend that all electrical work is performed by an NICEIC contractor.

House Martin

Please note: All electrical products should be installed by an NICEIC contractor. Dimensions are in millimetres (mm), full installation guidelines are provided with each order. Only use approved Orac adhesives. Prices correct as of 1st Jan 2012. We accept payment by credit or debit card, or via BACS transfer.

Product Code Illustration Length Our Price
Coving short lightplate with dimmer
Lighting 550 £ exc. VAT
Coving long lightplate with dimmer
2230 £ exc. VAT
Coving lighting - 1 set of 2000mm including 14 sockets
Orac lighting 2000 £ exc. VAT
Coving lighting - 15 x 10W 12V vacuum lamps for IL.100
Orac lighting n/a £ exc. VAT

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